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Netilas Yadayim

The rabbinic mitzvah of netilas yadayim (washing hands) before eating bread is one that many of us do without thinking. But if we delve into the reason behind this mitzvah, we can change the way we fulfill this mitzvah and connect to an ideal world in which purity has a central place. The connection between netilas yadayim and the work of the priests in the Beis Hamikdash has practical halachic implications as well as spiritual impact on how we view eating the food that Hashem has given us.

Laws of Washing Hands for a Meal

In this fascinating series of videos, Torah Live takes a fresh new look at the laws of washing hands for a meal. How do you wash? When do you say the bracha? Can you use an electric hand dryer? Are you allowed to talk while washing? You’ll also learn what to do when on the road, whether you can wash with snow, the laws of chatzitza (separation) and so much more.

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