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Honoring Sefarim

The mitzvah of learning Torah connects us to Hashem, but only if we take it seriously. Among other things, that means treating holy books seriously and with respect. Kavod seforim extends to all types of books with holy material, not just a Sefer Torah. It includes chumashim, mishnayos, gemaras, bentchers and even pages with divrei Torah on them.

Halachos of Sifrei Kodesh

There are many halachos that apply to sifrei kodesh. We sent Rabbi Siddur to investigate how we should treat seforim, and he asked these questions: Where should you not place seforim? What should you do if you need to take a sefer into the bathroom? What do you need to do with a sefer when you leave the room? Should computer screens with holy text on them be considered like seforim? What about English sefarim? Can you store things in a sefer or place a bookmark inside it? Get answers to these questions and more in this presentation.

For information on how to treat seforim that are no longer in use, check out our Genizah course.

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