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Sefer Torah

Bar mitzvah boy Elitzur wonders how it can be that the last mitzvah in the Torah is to write a Sefer Torah (Torah scroll), when we learn from books today and not from scrolls. Thus begins Elitzur’s journey into the wonderful world of the Sefer Torah.

The Writing of a Sefer Torah 

Elitzur and Rabbi Roth travel to the Maon forest to meet a sofer who tells them about the process of writing a Sefer Torah, to the parchment factory where they see the skin being turned into klaf, to the home of another sofer who explains about the feather and ink used for writing and to the factories where they make the cloth coverings and wooden rollers. Then they have the privilege of participating in the dedication of a Sefer Torah in the holy city of Jerusalem.

This course will also teach you about the restoration of old Sifrei Torah, about true dedication to the mitzvah of reading from the Torah in a minyan, about protecting Torahs from thieves and what happens when mistakes are found. 


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