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The holiday of Shavuos has multiple names - Chag Matan Torah (anniversary of the giving of the Torah on Har Sinai), Chag HaBikkurim (holiday of the first fruits) and Chag HaKatzir (the wheat harvest). Interestingly, neither the name Shavuos nor Chag Matan Torah are mentioned in the Torah. Join Rabbi Siddur to explore why that is.

Megillas Ruth

Delve into Megillas Ruth to understand the connection between the megillah and Shavuos, how Rus, Boaz and Naomi changed the course of Jewish history and the essence of becoming Jewish.

Staying Up All Night

Rabbi Siddur answers a fundamental question about the minhag of staying up all night on Shavuos - why not learn for a little bit and then get a good night’s sleep? What good is it to stay up all night if you can’t learn Torah as well as you would during the day?