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The laws of blessings are the first area of Jewish law that one should both learn and teach. New and exotic foods, more complex recipes and modern man’s disconnect from nature, make it super important to learn the halachos of brachos in depth.

Brachos: Hamotzi, Mezonos and Shehakol Bracha

This presentation tackles some of the crucial questions about brachos: How do you know when to say Hamotzi, Mezonos or Shehakol? Do you have to make a new blessing when you pop out in the middle of a meal? Does coffee require an after blessing (bracha achrona)? Which bracha do you recite on a chocolate covered raisin? What are the three kinds of brachos achronos and when is each one recited? How much do you need to eat or drink in order to be required to make a bracha achrona?

How to Say Brachos

Brachos are the way we connect to Hashem’s mercy and kindness. That’s why it’s just as key to learn how to say the blessings as it is to know which ones to make on which foods. This course teaches you what to concentrate on when you say each word of a bracha.

This informative, clear, and entertaining presentation will empower you with the tools you need to get maximum enjoyment and happiness out of the food Hashem has created for us to eat.

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