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Birkat Ha'ilanot

Come visit the Jerusalem Botanical Gardens with us to explore the meaning and halachos of Birkat Ha’Ilanot, the bracha said on fruit trees from Rosh Chodesh Nissan and on.


Learn why this blessing is different from other brachos, why we say it specifically in the spring and when to say it if you live in a country where it’s still winter in Nissan. Discover the mystical meaning behind the blessing, the importance of the bracha and what we can learn from the wording of the bracha. 


You’ll also learn why it’s so important for Pesach to be in the spring, leading us to adopt a calendar with leap years to ensure that Pesach is always Chag Ha’Aviv.

Join Rabbi Roth in this 7 part videos series as he explores Birkat Ha'ilanot🌳🌴