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Tefilas Haderech

The concept of praying before traveling is an ancient one. When Yaakov Avinu was on the way to Lavan’s house, he prayed to Hashem for protection. When the Jews were wandering in the wilderness, they too davened for protection. And when the Jews returned to Israel after their exile to Babylon, they asked Hashem to watch over them and protect them from their enemies.

The rabbis have commanded us to say tefilas haderech (prayer for traveling) whenever we embark on a long or dangerous journey. This prayer is a request for Hashem’s protection from enemies, thieves, wild animals and anything else that can harm us as we travel. In today’s travel climate, that also includes car accidents.

The Laws of Tefilas Haderech

In this presentation, you will learn which journeys warrant tefilas haderech, whether you can say it for others, when you should say it and many other laws of tefilas haderech. Travel with us by boat, by plane and by spaceship as we explore this rabbinic commandment.

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