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Leadership has become a popular field of study in today’s world, but Jews have been pushing the importance of the topic for thousands of years. The Torah contains every wisdom of the world and offers direction on the most diverse topics, including how to be a leader.

What makes a good leader? The greatest leaders have the ability to learn from mistakes and emerge from diversity. Avraham, Yaakov, Yosef and Moshe Rabbeinu survived trials and tragedies to become great leaders. Rabbi Akiva, Rabbi Yochanan and Maimonides were plagued by challenges but had such a strong vision and confidence that they couldn’t be stopped. We learn from these examples that great leaders use the challenges they experience to achieve more. 

Moshe Rabbeinu and Jewish Leadership

We learn from Moshe Rabbeinu about the connection between caring about each and every living thing and Jewish leadership. Moshe became the greatest leader of the Jewish people because he chased after a lamb which ran off from the flock, and when he caught up with it he realized that the thirsty sheep must be tired and carried it back to the flock. Once he had proven his kindness in private, Hashem knew that he was the right person to shepherd the Jewish people out of Egypt and through the desert.

Leadership has always been an important trait for us as Jews. In fact, the key to the Jewish people’s survival throughout the ages - despite our many exiles - has always been our feeling of social responsibility.

This presentation takes a fascinating look at the qualities of becoming a leader and explores what it takes to develop the right characteristics.

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