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Music isn’t just a bunch of sounds put together to sound pretty. A good niggun touches and fills your soul. That’s why the tunes we sing in hallel and other parts of tefillah are designed to make you become a better person.

Tehillim and Perek Shira

In addition to singing during davening, we also connect to Hashem through music when we sing songs from tehillim and or learn about the various songs of creation through Perek Shira. Music that uplifts us is all around us; we just have to open our ears and listen to it.

The Power of Jewish Music

Watch Music to learn about the power of Jewish music, how it can change us as people and bring us ever closer to Hashem.


Jewish Music Stars

Hear from Jewish music stars about how they define Jewish music, how music has changed their lives and what music touches them most. We interviewed these singers:

Yaakov Shwekey - His music includes Chasidic tunes, Sephardic music and modern songs in English and Hebrew.

Rabbi Shlomo Katz - Rabbi of a shul in Efrat and a singer who sings in the style of Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach.

Alex Clare - British singer and songwriter who became a baal teshuvah just as his music career was taking off. He temporarily left the music world but then returned to it, with music that has a wide appeal beyond the Jewish community.

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