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Holiness of Shabbos

In today’s world of overload and speed, how can one experience joy and serenity? By bringing the holiness of Shabbos into your home, of course! Whether you call it Shabbat or Shabbos, everyone agrees that this special day is infused with spirituality.

Travel with us to the streets of Jerusalem to experience Shabbos preparations, from preparing the house to buying flowers, getting special treats and dressing in elegant clothes. Learn why we act as if Shabbos is a living person. What is the connection between Shabbos and receiving the Torah at Mount Sinai? 

Baking and Eating Challah

We take you behind the scenes of how challah is made for Shabbos, and explain the laws of covering the challah, how to recite the brachos and what the purpose of the salt is. Why do we eat challah on Shabbos and what does it have to do with the Jewish people’s journey through the desert? What lesson does it teach us about making a living?

Shabbos Candles 

Learn the meaning of the Shabbos candles, who should light them and what they should pray for while doing the mitzvah. Delve into the deep meaning that candles have in Judaism and why this mitzvah is generally done by the women of the household. Find out the three reasons that our sages commanded us to light Shabbos candles and how each reason affects the laws of where to light. 

Making Kiddush

Whenever we do something related to the holiness of the Jewish people, we include drinking a glass of wine. That’s why we begin the Shabbos meals by making kiddush on wine. Learn the meaning of each section of kiddush, both on Friday night and Shabbos morning, how to hold the kiddush cup and how much wine must be drunk after kiddush has been made.

Shabbos Songs (Zemiros)

The singing of Shabbos songs is a way to elevate the simple act of eating and drinking. When G-d sees the nations of the world eating and drinking and engaging in inappropriate behavior, He wonders why He created the world and contemplates destroying it. But when He hears the Jewish people singing and praising G-d with zemiros, He finds the world worthy of existing.

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