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Start your year with Torah Live and get ready for a sweet new year full of meaning and growth. Learn about the power of Rosh Hashanah and understand the shofar blasts with these incredible videos.

We take you on an adventure that starts with a visit to an Israeli shofar factory, continues in the home of a special shofar collector in Jerusalem and ends in a garden where we meet Rabbi Hadar Margolin, an experienced and expert shofar blower. 

All about the Shofar Blasts

Rabbi Margolin explains the source of the custom to blow 100 shofar blasts, what makes a shofar kosher, how much a shofar should cost, how to avoid pitfalls in blowing and more halachos. He combines halachic and practical information that can help anyone blow for themselves or their congregation. Even if you’re not planning to blow the shofar yourself, you will gain a lot from understanding this mitzvah in full.

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