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When you buy new utensils for eating that were made by non-Jews, you are obligated to immerse them in a keilim mikveh before use. But it’s not that simple… Some materials don’t need to be immersed while others do. 

Follow us on camel back as we drive through the desert, up Masada, and into the Dead Sea to learn the laws of immersing new utensils. Packed with stunning footage, great humor, and lots of energy, Utensils contains a fascinating blend of historical perspectives and practical halachic guidance.

Origins of Tevilas Keilim

We learn the mitzvah of tevilas keilim from the battle with Midyan. In this battle, the Jewish people took utensils from the enemy, but in order to be able to use them, they were first required to immerse them in a mikveh. Since these utensils were used for eating, we learn that any non-eating utensil doesn’t require immersion. Of course, this rule has several qualifications. This presentation covers all the details, so you can be sure to get this mitzvah right.

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