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Mitzvos of the Land of Israel

The holiness of Hashem’s land is expressed in the mitzvos of the Land of Israel - commandments that apply only to produce grown in Eretz Yisroel. These mitzvos are intrinsically connected to the mitzvah of chesed - feeding those who don’t have the means to feed themselves. The priests and Levites were dedicated to worshiping Hashem and teaching Torah. They did not work the land and were instead supported by the farmers. Likewise, poor people were given gifts of produce so that they could feed themselves and their families.

How to Perform Mitzvos HaTeluyos Ba’Aretz Today

In Hebrew, these commandments are called Mitzvos HaTeluyos Ba’Aretz - mitzvos that are dependent on the land. They still apply today despite the fact that there is no Beis HaMikdash and that many Jews live in the Diaspora. Another difference today is that agriculture is no longer done exclusively by hand, and is assisted by machines and factories. This reality means that these mitzvos are performed a bit differently from how they were in ancient times.

This course, created by the Torah VeHa'aretz Institute, brings to life the Mitzvos HaTeluyos Ba’Aretz and demonstrates how these commandments are fulfilled today, in a modern agricultural society.

Learn the ins and outs of the mitzvos of Challah, Pe'ah, Orlah, Terumah, Maaser, and Kilaim with fun animations and a visit to an olive press in Israel.