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In Jewish law, men and boys have to abide by two prohibitions when getting their hair cut. The first is that they can’t get haircuts that are too short in certain areas, including the payos (sideburns), and the second is that they can’t shave certain areas with a razor or its electric equivalent. This prohibition may be connected to how people of other religions used to cut their hair and ensures that Jewish men look a bit different from other men.


This is a Torah prohibition, just as serious as eating non-kosher or not keeping shabbos, but unfortunately, the halachos are not well-known and many people rely on their barbers to know how to cut and shave their hair properly. However, not all barbers are well-versed in the laws, so it’s not enough to assume that your barber knows what he’s doing.


Learn the Jewish Laws of Haircuts


Men, boys, moms and barbers should all know the Jewish laws of haircuts, so that they can avoid making crucial mistakes. This presentation uses models to show you exactly where you can and can’t cut and covers the common mistakes you should avoid. You’ll get to see a haircut supervisor do his job making sure that the barbers in his area are aware of the laws. You’ll hear about customers going to great lengths to ensure that their barbers are G-d fearing and knowledgeable. And you’ll meet a barber who made great sacrifices when he decided to give only kosher haircuts.

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