Featured Educator: Mrs. Leah Glick

Here's how Mrs. Leah Glick of Beit Shvidler Primary School, UK integrates Torah Live into her teaching:

"We use Torah Live both in the classroom and for distance learning. The topics covered by Torah Live are real and relevant to the children's lives. The halochos are taught through the sources, which exposes the children to a range of meforshim, and then made relevant by giving very relatable examples and then referring them back to the halacha. Children learn that even though Torah is thousands of years old, it remains very real to us and our lives even though our lifestyles have changed beyond recognition! Torah is timeless!"

Click here to learn more about teaching with Torah Live.


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Daryoush Reyhanian
Daryoush Reyhanian
8 months ago

cooooooooooooool cool

Yosef Zaghi
Yosef Zaghi
1 month ago

GO TORAH LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!