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Over 250 Schools Across the Globe

Over 250 Schools Across the Globe

by Hadassah Levy on Sep 06, 2016

We’re revolutionizing chinuch one school at a time - and now over 250 schools and over 500 educators in 122 different cities have enjoyed Torah Live’s exciting teaching materials.This includes multimedia presentations, source sheets, workbooks, quizzes, student assessments and more.

Torah Live around the World

If you’re an educator at a Jewish day school, you can have the flexibility  to build and teach your Jewish studies curriculum to fit your students needs. You will be able to focus on fostering a love of Torah and a deep understanding of halacha. Torah Live will help you do this by providing the latest in technology to teach concepts, hashkafa and specific halachos.

Ryan Basserabie of Sydney said, “The kids love it! Torah Live’s cutting edge makes Judaism come alive for students and teachers alike. There are a lot of Torah-tech organizations out there but none that are as comprehensive and user friendly as Torah Live.”

Rabbi Yosef Tropper of Baltimore told us, “It was amazing to see how powerfully and quickly the material and its mode of presentation captured the hearts and minds of my students."

In addition to individual teachers, whole cities are using Torah Live. Watch what students and educators in Baltimore have to say:

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