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Acting Dynasties

Acting Dynasties

by Sharon Katz on May 28, 2023

Barrymore. Fonda. Baldwin. Sheen. Coppola.

Have you ever heard of them? They’re Hollywood's most famous acting dynasties. Yes, sometimes acting is a family business. From the time of the silver screen in the ‘20s and ‘30s until now, some stars have actors running in their family, as if it was part of their DNA.

Well, Torah Live has its own acting dynasties - entire families who have been in our movies for the past decade. In some cases, grandparents down to the youngest child have gone before our cameras.

While some parents would never have encouraged their children to appear on the screen, they are enthusiastic and supportive when their kids act in a value-packed Torah Live film. Moreover, family members performing together create a magic that goes straight to the heart.

I surely loved performing with my daughter Bati in Torah Live's SMILING, my granddaughter Shir in THE POWER OF WORDS and my husband in our newest production LIVE TO GIVE.

But there are much bigger Torah Live acting families. When cameras rolled on little Yehuda Moore in our newest project, LIVE TO GIVE, I realized that over the years all his older siblings (except one) had acted for us. And his parents, Rachel and Barak, have been in our movies, as well. For the Moores, Torah Live is a family affair.

Torah Live dynasty 1.jpg

A professional PR consultant, Rachel Moore is mother to a very talented brood, and a familiar face on the Torah Live screen. She’s taught us how to: wash our hands properly, speak positively to others, avoid loshon hara and prevent ribbis (interest). And when it comes to the Moore kids - well, there’s been at least one in every one of our films.

Rachel explained, “Children have a ‘mystique’ about Hollywood and being in the movies. Being in a real film breaks that mystique and shows them that it is actually work and requires patience. They get to see that film production isn't just some actors who are famous - it's a tremendous fleet of hardworking people behind the scenes. And I think it's a great education for them.”

“At the same time,” Rachel noted, “Torah Live isn’t Hollywood. The content is mitzvot. The people in the cast and the people on the crew are all mensches, talking about and filming Torahdik content. So, my kids can learn what film acting is really like, while contributing to the mitzvah of chinuch, and learning themselves.”

Another matriarch of a Torah Live acting dynasty, Elana Kronenberg, has been a sister, wife or mother in just about every Torah Live movie. Her children of every age have acted for Torah Live for ten years, and so have her brother and nephews. Each of their characters has imparted an important Jewish life lesson. And most recently, Elana and her children worked together on LIVE TO GIVE to teach chesed to viewers around the world.

Torah Live dynasty3.jpg

Elana said, "We, as a family, wholeheartedly believe in all that Torah Live represents and admire its teaching Torah and mitzvot to the world in a most creative, fun, dynamic, way. We feel part of the Torah Live family. Every project is filled with enthusiasm and heart."

Elana added, "We are honored to be part of Torah Live's mission of teaching Torah to the world through creativity and enjoyment."

Here’s to grandparents, parents and children who have made up the amazing dynasties of the Torah Live Family: The Finns, the Hymans, the Choritzes, the Penkowers, the Goldsteins, the Weinbergs, the Hefetzes, the Odenheimers and the Ozarowskis.

And here's to more families and future generations joining Torah Live on screen and off.


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