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Campaigning for What Really Matters

Campaigning for What Really Matters

by Hadassah Levy on Oct 05, 2021

by Suzanne Luftig

After more than a year of enjoying Torah Live's platform with my young daughter, I was so impressed with the quality of the content and presentation that I reached out to Torah Live with my marketing services.  As Hashem would have it, Torah Live was seeking help in precisely this area.  I had wanted to bring my time and treasures to the Torah world, so thank G-d for the shidduch (match) with this amazing organization!

Campaigning for What Really Matters

It was campaign crunch time and I jumped right into Torah Live in a variety of roles...from working with messaging and ad creation to personally campaigning and primarily to stewarding the amazing captains. Being part of the campaign was a wonderful way to quickly learn about the organization. In just these last two months of work, my admiration for Torah Live has jumped beyond a user's appreciation of the mitzvah themed games, the meaningful, foundational lessons of the wise and witty Rabbi Siddur and the rich and relevant teachings of Rabbi Roth, expertly filmed across the gorgeous, holy land of Israel. I am now beginning to understand Rabbi Roth's very real and special mission to share the light of Torah as well as his incredible emunah and bitachon (faith and trust). I have noticed the positive middos (character traits) of the team Rabbi Roth has built and the resulting enthusiasm and commitment of the Torah Live community. It's a blessing to be a part of it.

As a campaign steward I had the opportunity to interact with many of Torah Live's 300 plus dedicated campaign captains from across the globe.  Thank you to everyone who reached out to their personal networks to help raise funds so that Torah Live can continue its mission of harnessing technology to spread Torah to Jewish souls far and wide.  We are so appreciative that you made the time to help further our work. I loved feeling your energy and hearing from you, Torah Live's biggest fans, about what Torah Live means to you and your family.

Here's a small sample:

Kineret Cooper from Passaic, NJ: "There's nothing out there that begins to compare. Torah Live's quality and accuracy is incredible - it's intriguing and clear. The content is so superb and it is conveyed in such a concise and attractive way. I have a range of ages of children and Torah Live has something to engage each one of them.  Rabbi Roth is one of a kind.  He does such a phenomenal job."

Yechiel Bales from Miami, Fla on being a team captain: "I was just thinking how lucky I am (we are) to be given this beautiful opportunity to be part of this project!...How fortunate we are to be partners in Rabbi Roth's life's work which affects hundreds of thousands of Jewish children around the world -- soon millions!"

My friend Shira Martin in Dallas, TX, who introduced me to Torah Live: "Torah Live is an incredible tool for teaching our children and an invaluable resource that we reference all the time, as in 'Remember what Rabbi Siddur said about honoring parents?' Torah Live content also sparks questions for my children to ask, leading to in-depth conversations about Yiddishkeit."

Meir Weinberg from Far Rockaway, NY, regarding Rabbi Roth: "Your enthusiasm and mesirus nefesh (selflessness for fulfilling G-d's will) for the cause is so apparent and contagious! May G-d bless you and all your partners (team captains) with even greater success this coming year in reaching more and more precious Jewish souls."

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