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NEW RELEASE: Can You Bring Back the Light?

NEW RELEASE: Can You Bring Back the Light?

by Hadassah Levy on Jul 06, 2017

How can you train yourself to see the good in every Jew?

We believe that the best way to promote love between Jews is to teach about the dangers of loshon hara in a thought-provoking and engaging manner.

That’s why we spent over a year (!) producing The Lost Light, a gripping educational film about proper speech. With a new level of production, comedic narration, animated cartoons, special effects and intriguing story lines, this film will educate and entertain viewers young and old.

Check out The Lost Light trailer:

[video file="" HD="true" image="/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/bring-back-light.png" autostart="true"]

Watch the Lost Light

Here’s what people are saying about The Lost Light:

"Never seen anything like it!” - Isaac Jebreel

"Outstanding... Full of practical Halacha... Very moving." - Avrohom Newfeld

"Fun and engaging.” - Yael Shasha

"Practical, real-life examples.... Very meaningful." - Yaakov Sheinfeld

If you would like to join the shuls, communities and camps from around the globe who are screening The Lost Light, please email to set it up.

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