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Community Service and the Torah Live Dinar Bank

Community Service and the Torah Live Dinar Bank

by Hadassah Levy on Jul 06, 2022

One of the unique and meaningful features of the new Torah Live is what we call Real World Impact. We give kids the ability to take what they've learned and translate it into actions with the click of a button. Kids collect dinars by coming to the website frequently and they use these to buy mitzvos, such as giving a mezuzah to a family, entertaing a sick child or writing a letter in a Sefer Torah. They can also speak with a kashrus expert, send flowers to the elderly, provide animal therapy to child and a slew of other options.

RASG staff and Rabbi Roth

Rabbi Dan Roth visits RASG, Miami

Rabbi Ari Karp of RASG in Miami loves the new Torah Live, especially the ability for kids to apply what they are learning in the real world. Check out the clip where he talks about why this matters.

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