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Counting down to what?

Counting down to what?

by Torah Live Staff on May 24, 2023

Cheesecake, flowers, and Torah: How to make Shavuos real

You’ve got the charts on your fridge, the reminders on your phone, and the songs floating around your house.

🎶“We’re counting, we’re counting the days”... 

We’re counting — but why? What’s this all about?

Our Rabbis teach us that every Yom Tov, we don’t just commemorate what happened long ago — we get to re-experience the event.

So on Pesach, we’re leaving Egypt! We’re experiencing that freedom and rebirth all over again.

And the same goes for Shavuos. All that counting — it’s for us! 🤯 We’re preparing to receive the Torah ourselves.


So as we’re doing all that counting, how do we make it count?

How can we remind our kids (and ourselves) what Shavuos is really about?

  • Talk about Torah. Shavuos is about Kabbalas HaTorah. Use the dinner table to ask your kids questions like,  “What was the most interesting thing you learned today?” or  “What’s your favorite mitzvah?” Show your kids how Torah is the greatest gift in our lives and the guiding force behind the decisions we make each day. 
  • Celebrate their learning. Is your son starting Gemara? Did your daughter begin saying Shemoneh Esrei? Bake a cake, make a special Siyum supper, or buy a treat! Show your excitement and love for Torah by celebrating family achievements. 
  • Focus on unity. We stood at Har Sinai as one nation with one heart. Shavuos is a great time to remind your kids about the importance of Achdus. Whether it’s sharing our toys with siblings, including someone lonely, or valuing and respecting Jews who look different than us, let’s unify together as we accept the Torah this year.💗
  • Love the labor. When we love something, we love preparing for it — and your kids see that. They see your excitement. They see your energy. They see what you're focused on and what makes you smile. So put on the music, pull out some special recipes, and make it fun! Show (don’t tell 😉) that you're putting in this effort because you’re excited to get the Torah!
  • Learn why learn. Sometimes topics like goring oxen, korbanos, and the laws of tumah/taharah can seem distant or irrelevant. Our Learning Torah Matters course is a great way for Jewish kids to learn about why we learn Torah — and how learning Torah enriches our lives. Join Rabbi Siddur and discover how “long-ago” topics are as relevant and meaningful as ever.

So, if any of these sentiments are sounding familiar:

  • “I hate baking. I hate cheesecake. I hate baking cheesecake.”
  • “Uch, I’m not the artsy type. I’m the worst mother ever.”
  • “If I see another flower tablescape on Insta, I will cry.”

Remember: Shavuos is about accepting the Torah — and the Torah belongs to everyone.

(not just the art-loving, cake-baking, flower-arranging people 😂)

This Shavuos, re-accept the Torah with excitement, meaning, and joy.

Help your kids remember what Kabbalas HaTorah is really about.


Celebrate the Torah and eat your (cheese)cake, too! 🙂

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