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by Hadassah Levy on Aug 10, 2016

Imagine that you could learn the laws of shmiras haloshon in a totally different way. Imagine that instead of reading them from a text you could see them played out in front of your eyes, that you could watch people like yourself in real situations that we all find ourselves in - talking with friends, at simchas and in school. Imagine you could watch these cases brought to life in a way which was never possible before.

Chapters Two, Three and Four of our shmiras haloshon video, The Lost Light, bring the laws of loshon hara to life with real examples we can all relate to. Torah Live visits schools, neighborhoods and parties to show us how loshon hara can hurt others in multiple ways. We've added more complex plot lines, entertaining cartoons and additional actors and extras, to keep audiences engaged while they learn the halachos.

Shmiras Haloshon Video

As we gear up for Tisha B'Av, the destruction of the Beis Hamikdash because of sinas chinam (baseless hatred) is foremost in all of our minds. We seek to improve our relationships with others and avoid hurting them unnecessarily. Watch our new videos to enhance your understanding of the laws of loshon hara.

A special thank you to our sponsors Elan & Victoria Shasha. If you missed Chapter One, watch it here.

In honor of the release of these videos, we're offering you a free gift - a beautifully designed poster of the Chofetz Chaim's tefillah for shmiras haloshon.

Chofetz Chaim tefillah

Download your free copy here:

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