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Kiddush Hashem on the BBC

Kiddush Hashem on the BBC

by Dan Roth on Nov 21, 2012
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Thirty years ago, the BBC aired an amazing documentary about a man who paid employees extra on holidays, saying that at that time of year employees need more money - not less. The impact and Kiddush Hashem generated by the film were tremendous.

This special man is someone who I am lucky enough to call Zeide (grandpa in Yiddish).

Torah Live is proud to release a new presentation that will appeal to an entirely new audience.

A special thank you to Mrs. Sara Schreiber (my grandmother), Ms. Judy Schreiber, (my mother), Graham and Ruthie Morris and David and Ruthie Schreiber (my uncles and aunts) for sponsoring Man Management: The Ultimate Bridge and allowing me to spread Mr. Chaim Schreiber's’ great legacy.

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