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Maaser and Torah Live

Maaser and Torah Live

by Hadassah Levy on May 24, 2022
On our new site, you can watch Torah Live videos for free in Classic mode, but the other fun elements - quizzes, challenges, real world impact, behind the scenes, and points - are available only with a paid subscription. 
Your signing up for a paid account will help us make many more videos for your family and tens of thousands of others around the world. Rabbi Yitzchak Berkovits ruled that you can use maaser money.
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The following topics have scripts ready to go to production and the main hurdle holding us back is funding: Ma'akeh, Kippah, The Jewish Wedding, Standing for Elderly, Tzaar Balei Chaim, Bishul Akum, Kavod Sefarim, Challah, Honoring Kohanim, Kiddush Hachodesh and Kiddush Levana, Geneivas Daas, Lo Sachmod, Friendship, Individuality, Music, Financial Literacy, Kedushas Eretz Yisroel. 
It is just $90 a year and you can create up to 36 sub-accounts under your main account so each of your kids or students can each have their own individual learning path.

Subscribe to Torah Live or donate - in both cases, your tax deductible donation counts as maaser!

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