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Make Torah Come Alive

Make Torah Come Alive

by Hadassah Levy on May 03, 2022
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Torah Live's new educational platform combines the latest gamification theory with the ancient wisdom of the Torah for a fun-filled experience that children can't get enough of.

Years of hard work have resulted in Torah Live 2.0, an interactive platform which teaches kids Torah through videos, games, challenges and illustrations. Kids can also enjoy exclusive behind the scenes footage, badges, points and a leaderboard. They collect coins and trade them in for mitzvos that happen in real world.

The content on the website has been vetted by Torah leaders and the platform was developed with the help of gamification experts and top website developers. Illustrators, graphic designers and animators have added a visual element that is unparalleled.

Torah Live can be enjoyed by kids at home, students in school and entire families working together to reach new spiritual heights.

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