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Make Your Own Torah Live Video!

Make Your Own Torah Live Video!

by Hadassah Levy on Jan 18, 2018
[video file="" HD="true" image="/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/make-your-own-torah-live-video.jpg" autostart="true"]

Bruria Siegal of Los Angeles sent us this cute video of her son, Nashie, entitling it, “You have a fan in LA!” The clip inspired us to offer you - our readership - the chance to star in your own Torah Live video.

Here is the challenge:

  1. Create your own Torah Live style video about any halacha, good character trait, Jewish outlook or value. Use your phone or camera - no fancy equipment required!
  2. Email it to or upload to social media and tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
  3. Videos must be sent in by February 20.
  4. Adults and children of any age can enter.
  5. We will upload the best videos to our blog and let you - our readers - vote for the most creative ones!

We look forward to seeing your creative masterpieces!

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