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A Mezuzah in Every Jewish Home in Russia?

A Mezuzah in Every Jewish Home in Russia?

by Hadassah Levy on May 03, 2018

A Mezuzah in Every Jewish Home in Russia?

This is the dream of Rabbi Pinchos Shwalb, chairman of the Congress of Jewish Orthodox Communities in Russia, which oversees religious life in over 50 Jewish communities.

“How was I going to educate a whole country on the importance of putting up a Mezuzah and teach them the laws at the same time? I approached Torah Live and asked if they would make their incredible Mezuzah video series accessible to the Russian Jewish community.”

Of course we said yes!

To celebrate the release of the Mezuzah series with Russian subtitles, we are offering it for free until June 2 with the promo code KEROOR.

A Mezuzah in Every Jewish Home

Rabbi Shwalb points out the tremendous benefit of compelling video material in Russian:

Torah Live videos are visual and structured. They are short enough to hold people’s attention.  If you watch the Mezuzah series, you will become an expert on the topic, and know more about it than the average religious Jew who went to yeshiva.” Please let your Russian-speaking friends, congregants and students know about Torah Live. Share this link to sign up for Torah Live in Russian and give them the opportunity to enjoy all of Torah Live free - including Mezuzah, Anger and Brachos with Russian subtitles.

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