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New Project: Renewing Old Videos

New Project: Renewing Old Videos

by Hadassah Levy on Apr 14, 2021

When Rabbi Dan Roth started Torah Live twelve years ago, he knew nothing about film production or special effects. What he did know was that it was time to translate the Torah into video - the language of today’s generation. So he started doing just that, using the technological tools at his disposal and figuring it out as he went along.

At first, he was doing all the graphics himself, staying up till all hours of the night teaching himself Photoshop. But as the years progressed, he brought in professionals and Torah Live went from a one-man show to an organization that today includes over thirty scriptwriters, animators, video editors, and sound and special effects artists. As a result, the technical quality of the newer videos is much higher than the original ones with some of our recent productions including over a hundred and thirty actors, actresses and extras!

Renewing Old Videos

It’s time to redo those original videos so that their excellent content remains, while the visuals are vastly improved. As you can imagine, it will take us a while to accomplish this. In the meantime, we want to encourage our users to watch the videos that meet our higher standards, so we are temporarily archiving the older videos.

We look forward to updating you when the videos are renewed and back on the main course page.

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