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New Torah Games for Children

New Torah Games for Children

by Hadassah Levy on Nov 13, 2023

What are your children playing? Are they mindlessly clicking the mouse on meaningless games or are they internalizing Jewish values while having fun? Here at Torah Live, we believe that Jewish kids should play Torah games as well as watch Torah videos. 

Our goal is to include a game in each one of our courses, so the messages of the videos, quizzes, challenges and comics are reinforced by the repetition of game-playing. Here are some of the games which have recently been added to the Torah Live website:

Bringing Shalom to the World

The Peace-Man game challenges you to avoid the fires of conflict while staying away from the clouds of self-neglect. It’s your job to bring shalom into the world without falling prey to the obstacles in your way. This game is a reminder of the importance of restoring peace among friends, family members and communities.


Loving Hashem

In the Ahavas Hashem game, Increase the Love, you need to ski down a steep slope and collect as many hearts as you can grab. But be careful, you don’t want to hit those cones on the way down! Loving Hashem isn’t always easy, but if you put in the effort, it can be done.


Free Will Race

Your mom asks you to clean your room - obviously the right answer is yes! But can you steer that Yes car around the race track and beat out all the wrong answers? It’s not as easy as it looks… The Free Will game reminds you that you’ve been given free will in order to use it wisely.


Bury that Genizah

You’ve got a limited amount of dirt and you need to use it wisely in order to cover all the genizah that has to be buried. Cover the Genizah demonstrates the holiness of sefarim and ritual objects and the necessity of treating them with respect even after they are no longer usable. 


We’re always adding games as well as videos and other elements, so keep coming back to the site to check out what’s new. Or come back to play our Torah games again and again - that’s how you level up!

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