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New Torah Live Bar / Bat Mitzvah package

New Torah Live Bar / Bat Mitzvah package

by Dan Roth on Nov 11, 2014

Hat's off and a great big thank you to Joseph and Leelah Gitler, who are preparing to celebrate the bar mitzvah of their son, Elitzur, in Torah-true fashion, with a tailor-made video about the tremendous mitzvah of writing a sefer Torah.

The bar mitzvah boy, Elitzur, will narrate the film, and give over the halachos and meaning of the mitzvah, which appears in his parshah, with the final film being screened for the very first time at his bar mitzvah celebration next year. Elitzur will also receive source sheets each month, enabling him to study the topic in depth and be involved in the research and various production stages.

One year from now, please God, YOU will have a new Torah Live presentation for your family and students to enjoy!

Thank you Joseph and Leelah for being ground-breakers in what could take off to be a new "Torah Live Bar/Bat Mitzvah package!"

If you have a good story on the topic of writing a sefer Torah, or any pictures, videos, or ideas of someone worth interviewing, or any other suggestions, please don't hesitate to let me know by posting them on the discussion area below


Rabbi Dan Roth

Founder, Torah Live

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