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New Video Release for Pesach!

New Video Release for Pesach!

by Hadassah Levy on Mar 25, 2020

This year, especially this year — give your family renewed strength in their emunah by watching Torah Live's latest film, Prophecies Revealed!

In the days leading up to Pesach, our newest film reminds us that God doesn't just have a good track record, He is — in the words of Torah Live's favorite Rabbi Siddur — "batting a thousand!"

The latest release in Torah Live’s Emunah and Tefillah series, this video shows how Hashem’s prophecies always come true. Just as He foretold what will happen throughout history, His prophecies about redemption will also come true - speedily and in our day! 

"I LOVED the video! It gives so much chizuk. Can't wait to show my kids!" - Yael Knochen

New Video Release for Pesach

Pesach time is when the Jewish people were born. God chose us as His ambassadors and gave us a mission to live for. His taking us out of Egypt with an outstretched Hand teaches us that God runs the world and controls nature down to the minutest detail. It teaches us that there is a Divine plan for all of humanity. What better celebration of this joyous occasion than by recharging your batteries with Prophecies Revealed?

This new video and the Torah Live Pesach Activity Book will keep kids engaged and teach them important lessons.


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