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What Parents Are Saying about Torah Live

What Parents Are Saying about Torah Live

by Hadassah Levy on Sep 07, 2017

Kids love Torah Live and so do educators, but what are parents saying? We’ve gathered 4 of our favorite comments from parents whose kids are glued to the screen when Torah Live is playing.

“My kids all love it. We’ve watched all of them: Tefillin, Happiness… I’m really one of your fans.” - Mrs. Hindy Fuld, Jerusalem



“I work for the largest entertainment company in the world [Disney], and yet my younger kids have not expressed this level of excitement about meeting other talent (well, except for maybe some from Star Wars). After each video, you continue to rise to the top of their list (but, of course, you haven’t surpassed Kobe Bryant, yet).” - Jim Kapenstein, Associate General Counsel, Walt Disney Company, Los Angeles

Torah Live vs. Disney

“For my children and family to have an entertaining, highly professional and accurate resource, that provides a phenomenal learning resource, with a fantastically entertaining presentation, is in a small way the answer to some of the most difficult questions we face today as Jewish parents. My children, run, literally, to watch the videos and absolutely love them. Thank you Torah Live family for the critical work you do, I am ever grateful to have encountered this.” - Isaac Gorin


"Over the last couple of years, my children and I have watched the Torah Live films on Smiling, Anger, Leadership, Blessings, Tefillin, Sefer Torah, Ribbit, Charity, Kashrut, and Free Will and we have all gained tremendously from them. They are uniquely inspiring and we find ourselves watching them over and over again. My children all consider it a treat to watch Torah Live, an absolute treat! I cannot recommend Torah Live strongly enough!" - Elan Shasha, London

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