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Prepare for Pesach with Torah Live

Prepare for Pesach with Torah Live

by Hadassah Levy on Apr 10, 2024

We all dream of our kids arriving at seder night armed with ideas that they can share with friends and family about yetzias mitzrayim (the exodus from Egypt) and its significance for us as a nation. Surely they have learned some of this at school, but what better way to supplement than to watch Torah Live videos?

A Kid's Guide to Pesach

Why does Hashem want us to clean for Pesach?

Which items can be kashered with hagalas keilim?

What should kids be doing on Erev Pesach?

What are the mitzvos of the Seder (and what do we eat just because it tastes good)?

Rabbi Roth and Rabbi Siddur answer all these questions and more in this timely new Pesach series.


Galus, Geulah and Everything in Between

Prophecies Revealed takes you on a journey through Jewish history to show how all of Hashem's promises have been fulfilled. "Next year in Jerusalem" isn't just a song at the seder - it is a statement of belief in prophecy and in an ultimate geulah.

Watch Prophecies Revealed to better understand the connection between Pesach and the ultimate redemption.


Chag HaEmunah

Pesach has been called "Chag HaEmunah." More than any other time of the year, it carries the potential to lift us up to tremendous heights of emunah and trust in Hashem's omnipotence.

Watch the Emunah & Tefillah series to gain insight into our core beliefs and come to the seder better prepared.


Free Pesach Activity Book Download!

We're treating you to a free activity book for Pesach, full of exciting ways for kids to spend school vacation, including puzzles, brain teasers and educational content. 

Grab your copy of the Pesach Activity Book!


Chag Kasher V’Sameach from Rabbi Dan Roth and the team at Torah Live!


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