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Stay Healthy with Torah Live

Stay Healthy with Torah Live

by Hadassah Levy on Jul 20, 2017

Did you know that Torah Live videos motivate people to exercise? We recently discovered that the Yeled v’Yalda Fitness Center in Boro Park has included Torah Live in its library of entertainment options.

According to Ruchie Herbst, fitness coordinator at the gym, the current offerings include a wide variety of Jewish concerts and plays, lectures and science and cooking shows. Some of the staff members were familiar with Torah Live’s website and its informative and entertaining video clips and thought it would be of interest to gym members, so they added them to their offerings about three years ago.

Stay Healthy with Torah Live

Many of the gym members compliment the staff on the variety of videos they offer and request additional videos. Some of the gym’s members have even signed up for Torah Live memberships at home!

The combination of Torah Live and fitness is a natural one, since traditional Jewish thought suggests that we must keep our bodies well for the sake of spiritual pursuits and in order to be able to fulfill mitzvos. If you aren’t a member of a kosher gym, you can still stay healthy with Torah Live by signing up for a membership and watching on your computer, tablet or mobile phone while you strengthen your muscles.

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