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Talking to Your Children about the War in Israel

Talking to Your Children about the War in Israel

by Hadassah Levy on Nov 01, 2023

You want to protect your kids from all the bad news about the war in Israel, but information trickles in anyway. You want to explain it in an age-appropriate way, but it’s hard to know how to do that. Your kids would feel better if they could DO something. But what can they do?

Strengthen Our Nation

Start by showing your children the new course, Strengthen Our Nation. It begins with an original Rabbi Siddur clip, produced specifically for the war in Israel, which explains to kids what their role in this conflict is. It continues with relevant content integrated from other courses that demonstrates to children how they can view current events in an empowering and positive way.


How to Help Israel

Don’t miss the One Nation challenges, where kids upload videos showing how they are helping Israel. As they learned from Rabbi Siddur, every mitzvah they do, every tefillah and Torah learning session, helps Klal Yisrael during this time. Once your children have uploaded their own video, it’s worth reminding them to watch what other kids are doing. They will be inspired to do even more!

Another way that kids can help is by earning coins on the site that can be translated into packages that are delivered to soldiers on the frontline. There’s a Torah Live representative going from base to base delivering goodies and he has in mind all the children who have chosen to donate their points for this purpose. All he asks in return is that kids have him and his team in mind when they have the opportunity to say tefilas haderech.

Your children’s teachers have probably told them that there are many kids in Israel who haven’t returned to school since the war broke out. Even those who have school are unable to participate in extracurricular activities or play outdoors for long. How can they fill their time?

One solution is to give them a free month of Torah Live. They can fortify themselves with Torah content about emunah, bitachon and achdus, and fill their hours with enriching and inspiring Torah learning. Click here to donate a subscription to a friend or family member in Israel.

And finally, here in Israel we feel the outpouring of love from Jews around the world. Your support and your tefillos make all the difference, so keep them coming!

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