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Filming the Chesed Series

Filming the Chesed Series

by Sharon Katz on May 01, 2023

"Three. Two. One. Action." No matter how many years I have been lucky enough to make movies for Torah Live, those words still thrill me. Especially now, as we begin our newest most colossal film, "Live to Give," the excitement of filming sends chills up the spines of cast and crew alike. 

Gathered together on the set - the lights turned on, the cameras set to the exact angle (all 3 of them!), the sound calibrated, the actors touched up to perfection - everyone is full of anticipation, as the clap board crashes and the director launches the production with the opening scene.

Four Years of Waiting

Yes, it's wondrous to be on the first day of a movie shoot, but it's especially meaningful on this film, because it has taken us four years to arrive at this moment. Four years of COVID changing regulations. Four years wondering how we could make an inspiring movie when the actors had to wear masks. Four years planning ways we could film inside a room together and still be safe.

And now B"H we stood quietly together, worrying regular film worries - actors running through the lines in their heads, production assistants checking costumes for wrinkles, make-up artists dabbing moist brows - everyone hushed, holding his breath until each in his own way burst into "ACTION."


The cameras of "Live to Give" are rolling now at full speed.

Mazel tov, Torah Live.

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