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The Sun and a Star Out on the Hebrew University Track

The Sun and a Star Out on the Hebrew University Track

by Sharon Katz on Jun 22, 2023

Boy, was it hot on the track of Hebrew University’s Givat Ram. Ten teens at the ready, “On your mark, get set, go.” The whistle sounds. They run the track (really, only a portion of the track) again and again.


Yes, it was hot, but it was worth it. When you want the audience to feel the excitement of an event, few things compare to filming on location. And when that location is the magnificent giant track and field stadium of Hebrew University Givat Ram, the excitement is unmatched. 

The sun beat down on our track and field “contestants," sweat beading up on everyone’s brows, “runners” heating up for the action, and a coach with a whistle to signal a burst of power. Of course, water was vital and it was delivered to our runners and crew every few minutes.


Standing on Hebrew U’s perfectly even, soft, and cushiony track, surrounded by a stadium of seats, everyone present could envision the crowds that fill the stadium during a real tournament. Their thunderous applause. Their cheers. This atmosphere was something that could not be recreated anywhere else. It was pretty exciting just to be in that location. The track itself was like a character in the film.

Tamir Goodman: A Real Sports Star

And if that wasn’t enough excitement, we were honored to be joined a real sports superstar. Basketball player Tamir Goodman, known as “The Jewish Jordan” (a titled he got from Sports Illustrated Magazine, comparing him to sports great Michael Jordan), came down to the track to do a cameo for the shoot.


Tamir played basketball to tremendous acclaim in the United States, and then after Aliya, he was signed for the top team Maccabi Tel Aviv. All during his career, Tamir played wearing a kippah. This tremendous Kiddush Hashem has made Tamir a role model for Jewish athletes of all sports. In addition to his cameo at the track, Tamir spoke to Torah Live’s cameras about his pride in being a Jewish kippah-wearing athlete.

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