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There's a Bracha for Everything! The Blessing of Asher Yatzar

There's a Bracha for Everything! The Blessing of Asher Yatzar

by Hadassah Levy on Aug 31, 2022

Imagine telling someone who knows nothing about Judaism about Asher Yatzar. Their first reaction would be surprise, right? We tend to think that brachos are for holy things, like mitzvos, or for the more obvious blessings in our lives like the food we eat. And yet, several times a day, we thank Hashem for the ability to use the bathroom.

Why Do We Say Asher Yatzar?

If you study some biology and understand even the basics of the intricacies and complexities of the human digestive system, you’ll understand why eating and going to the bathroom cannot be taken for granted, and why we have to thank Hashem for this miracle over and over.

Asher Yatzar

The existence of Asher Yatzar teaches us that there is no aspect of human life which is unimportant. Just as we thank Hashem for granting us life every morning when we wake up, we need to appreciate every little thing that happens during the day and see it for the miracle that it actually is. The more thankful we are, the more we connect to Hashem and the easier it is to keep His mitzvos.

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