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Three Cameras

Three Cameras

by Sharon Katz on May 14, 2023

Welcome to tomorrow. As the movie making world evolves, so do the modern techniques used on the Torah Live film set. One such breakthrough is the use of multiple cameras to film scenes, instead of the previously conventional method of using one camera, and occasionally two.

Three Cameras

Torah Live's new movie, "Live to Give," is our first project using three cameras on every single shooting day. Until this production, our camera crew spent much of its time changing from one view to another. Wide angle, over the shoulder, reaction shot, extreme close up.

Using three cameras adds a sense of realism that can be hard to achieve with one camera. By capturing every angle, you feel more immersed in the scene, and better understand the emotions of the characters on screen.

Three Cameras - Filming Live to Give

New Flexibility

Since multiple cameras are filming the same scenes simultaneously, we save time, work even more effectively, and are able to keep our actors' energy high. We capture every angle of the action, and our crew doesn't have to constantly reset the cameras for the same shot from a different direction.

Finally, our new three-camera work plan also gives us more flexibility in post production, since the editor has plenty of footage to choose from when piecing together the final product. This adds a dose of dynamism to the final product, making it even more engaging and thrilling for you.

So, audience, you're going to love our new more exciting "Live to Give" look. Pow.

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