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Three Locations in One Day!

Three Locations in One Day!

by Sharon Katz on Feb 29, 2016

Yesterday was an amazing day for Torah Live. We filmed at three locations in one day, for our upcoming film on the mitzvah of tzitzis.

We started out in the new gorgeous park in Efrat. The weather cooperated and so did our little actors. They climbed and jumped and listened to our director Ben Katz's direction. They were so adorable, our videographer Sasha Gorev didn't want to miss a move.  He even crawled under the climbing ropes to get every angle.

Tzitzis Shoot Efrat

Thank you to Koby Veffer, Yair Kronenberg, Max Katz (no relation), Ari Rothchild and Lev Katz (no relation either). And thanks to their moms!

Then we headed out to the cutest backyard in Efrat - complete with a child's little toy house, an adorable hand-painted bench and a tree-to-tree hammock. Thanks to Arye and Sandra Ben David for their hospitality.

Tzitzis Shoot Eflrat

We welcomed comedian David Kilimnick as the diligent homeowner, hard at work in his backyard, and then relaxing in ah-the-good-life on his hammock, with his sefer, his pink lemonade and calming music. David's expressive face made the dream scene fun and cozy. Thanks, David.

Lastly, we ended the day in the new offices of HubEtzion, right above our friends at Five Blocks. Three young upwardly-mobile professionals joined together as their friend was promoted in a big corporation. The Hub is a great location with a really good vibe, and our actors were so believable as they laughingly celebrated their friend's success.


Our thanks to our hosts Rachel Moore and Amy Shuter at the Hub, plus our actors Shifra Penkower, David Bratspis, Yehonatan Kamenetzky and Noam Fixler. You can come work in my corporation any time!

And a big thank you to our videographer Sasha Gorev, our sound/lighting man Michoel Sholkov, director Ben Katz and to me, production manager Sharon Katz. Great team!!

Three locations. One day. Piece of cake.


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