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Torah Live vs. Disney

Torah Live vs. Disney

by Hadassah Levy on Feb 10, 2016

At Torah Live, we love feedback. We especially love feedback which pits us in a head-to-head battle with the Disney Company. Read this letter to find out who wins!

TL vs Disney (2)


I must be honest with you….

I am now in a situation that when I come home from the office after a long day, my 12 year old son runs up to me, and the first thing he asks is if we can watch Torah Live tonight before he goes to sleep.

Since I negotiate for a living here at The Walt Disney Company, I instinctively resort to saying “if you take a shower, listen to Mom and are ready for bed by 9 pm, we can spend 30-45 minutes on Torah Live.”  To date, he has been on time!

And, I must say that you are quickly becoming one of his favorites.  In fact, when I told him that you were in our home about a month ago, he (and my younger son) asks why I didn’t wake them up to meet you.

Now to put this comment in perspective, I work for the largest entertainment company in the world, and yet my younger kids have not expressed this level of excitement about meeting other talent (well, except for maybe some from Star Wars).  After each video, you continue to rise to the top of their list (but, of course, you haven’t surpassed Kobe Bryant, yet).

Please look me up next time you are in LA.  Thanks for introducing us to Torah Live and please keep up the great work of presenting and teaching Torah throughout the world in an exciting new media and form of distribution.


Jim Kapenstein ‎Associate General Counsel Walt Disney Company, Los Angeles

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