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Wait, you mean they’re happy to make seder – and get rid of the chametz?

Wait, you mean they’re happy to make seder – and get rid of the chametz?

by Torah Live Staff on Mar 30, 2023

Transform Pesach cleaning into a family adventure (minimum kvetching, maximum laughing)

Most kids grumble about cleaning their room. Forget about cleaning anywhere else! 

But having them help for Pesach serves a purpose. Yes, it lightens the load, but helping is also a chance to roll up their sleeves and put all the middos-learning to work. 

Still, which kid likes cleaning? 

Most don’t – but there are ways to change that. 


Make it fun

Ditch the boring list of tasks; turn cleaning into an activity. 

  • Turn on music and belt your Pesach tunes in unison as you prepare for bedikas chametz 
  • Make it competitive – set a goal and whoever reaches it first wins (and gets to choose the next song!) 
  • Go visual with a giant map of your house on the wall – as kids clean a room or area, they get to color it in 

Make it theirs 

When kids have responsibility, they feel responsible – and act responsible too. Give your kids ownership over their cleaning tasks and watch them power through until Leil Haseder. 

  • Let them choose their tasks – while you assign some, they get to choose the others 
  • Have them track their own progress – and see how satisfying it is to check another task off the list or color in another matzah on the chart 
  • Take before and after photos so they get to see (and appreciate) the difference their work makes

Your kids will have a blast cleaning, and they’ll also see that it can be exciting, fun, and rewarding. So clean the chametz, take down the hagaddahs, and get ready for another Pesach – as a family. 

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