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Welcome to Adventure!

Welcome to Adventure!

by Sharon Katz on May 15, 2017

Here’s an email we sent last week to our Torah Live extras in advance of yesterday's most ambitious shoot yet.

Welcome to adventure!

Every year, our productions for Torah Live become more exciting in every way. Rabbi Dan Roth has climbed mountains, scuba dived for techeiles snails, stepped back into time, "flown" in the air. We've had large scenes, and even larger ones.

On Monday, March 8, we will accomplish IY"H something that our team has been imagining and planning for quite a long time. We will take over an entire train car and film continuously and inconspicuously from Jerusalem to Herzliya and back several times. In order to accomplish this, we request your full attention and cooperation.


Please arrive at 8:15 AM to the train station at Malcha, Jerusalem.

At 8:30 AM we will meet together at the train platform, where director Ben Katz (no relation) will speak to us, and explain exactly what he expects of each person. Each extra will have a backstory and a reason for being on the train.

Torah Live Train Adventure

We will line up at the train stop hopefully before the train arrives, and board together, aiming to fill an entire car.

The train leaves the station at 9:10 AM.

Torah Live Train Adventure


Bag or backpack with food, drink and something to do.

Torah Live Train Adventure

You are passengers on a train - doing what passengers do. Please bring a book to read, something to knit or crochet, newspaper, sefer, crossword puzzle, cards, music with earphones, whatever that will keep you busy ALL DAY.

Torah Live Train Adventure

Torah Live Train Adventure

Torah Live Train Adventure


Director Ben Katz will not scream action or cut. We will be filming through the entire ride. Please do NOT look at the camera, do not speak loudly, and just "act like a passenger."

Torah Live Train Adventure


Several seats have been indicated by our production team as HOT SEATS. Extras will be asked to switch with the cameraman or director or whomever in order to get a different angle or close up. Please be patient.

Torah Live Train Adventure


Everyone will be told in between train stops when his/her area will be getting its close-ups. However, know that everyone is seen in one viewpoint or another and must be appropriately acting all the time.

Thank you to everyone for your cooperation!

Interested in being an extra or actor for Torah Live? Contact and we’ll sign you up.


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