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When It Snows in Houston

When It Snows in Houston

by Hadassah Levy on Jan 23, 2018

It’s only snowed in Houston 38 times since 1895, but three of those storms were in the past winter! What do yeshiva day school students in Houston do on snow days? They probably build snowmen and sled down hills, and they also watch Torah Live.

When It Snows in Houston

On the most recent snow day, Yeshiva Torat Emet sent their students a link to access Torah Live free for the day. We got this lovely email from a teacher and parent at the school:

Rabbi Roth,

As a parent and staff member of Yeshiva Torat Emet of Houston, I want to thank you and express great appreciation to you for making Torah Live available to my children and the students of YTE today, as students are home with school cancelled due to weather concerns.

Creating this opportunity for students to access such high caliber chinuch presentations, solidifies the message that not a day should go by without Torah learning. Torah Live provides them easy access to relevant and meaningful learning in a manner that is engaging.

I hope they don't start rooting for additional days off in order to have this opportunity again.

I imagine many parents share my sentiments when I say that we very much appreciate your creating this option for us! Thank you! Thank you!

With appreciation,

Faige Grossman

When It Snows in Houston

Thank you, Mrs. Grossman, for your kind email! And thank you to Rabbi Yerachmiel Garfield, principal of YTE, for helping us make this happen.

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