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Bishul Akum

Bishul Akum is the prohibition against eating food prepared by a non-Jew. This mitzvah affects how we eat both in the home and in restaurants.


Kosher Food at Home


Many people hire non-Jewish household help. Can they cook in your house? Will it be considered kosher food? What if they are using your kosher pots and pans? What if you are standing in the kitchen with them?


A Restaurant’s Kosher Kitchen


Can a restaurant hire a non-Jewish chef? What about the ingredients that are delivered to a restaurant’s kosher kitchen? They might be produced in a country far away, where there is no Jewish community at all. Can a restaurant be kosher if it uses them?


In this presentation, Rabbi Siddur goes on an adventure to find the answers to these questions and more. He visits a restaurant, hangs out in a home and even interviews a famous mashgiach to give you a clear picture of what constitutes Bishul Akum and how to avoid it.

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