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Honoring Parents

The mitzvah of honoring your parents is one of the Ten Commandments and one of the few mitzvos which come with a reward for long life. This includes helping them physically and emotionally, as well as admiring them and refraining from speaking to them or about them in a negative way. 

The Challenge of Kibbud Av V’Em

Kibbud av vaem isn’t always the simplest mitzvah to keep. It's easy to fall into patterns of expecting our parents to do things for us. The culture around us stresses the obligations of parents to their children, while often ignoring what the children owe their parents just for giving them life. This video teaches you how to turn the tables and start thinking about what you can do for your parents, with real life examples explained by the charismatic Rabbi Siddur.

The video was dedicated in memory of Bertie and Hannah Goldberg z"l by the Goldberg family.

Bertie and Hannah Goldberg were an exemplary couple. They were the ultimate example of Torah im derech eretz (Jewish values) and kibbud av vaem.

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