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The mitzvah of tefillin is performed every day by men and boys, starting shortly before their bar mitzvahs. The Torah doesn’t explain the reason behind this mitzvah, and it has remained a mystery even to many people who put on tefillin every day. Although we do mitzvos first and foremost because Hashem commanded us to do them, we can try to understand the rationale behind them.

The Meaning of Tefillin

In order to understand the meaning of Tefillin, we need to look at the root of the word. It comes from the word tafel, which means a strong attachment. Tefillin bind us to God. They offer the opportunity to achieve a closeness to God that even the deepest meditation cannot accomplish. In fact, there were righteous people who felt the words of the parchment literally burning into their hearts and souls. This course will help you find meaning in this mitzvah and connect to Hashem through it.

The Laws of Tefillin

Learn the laws of tefillin with this presentation, including how to put them on, the correct position, which bracha to make, adjusting the knots and caring for your tefillin. You’ll also see how tefillin are made and the important lesson we can learn from the process of creating such a holy object from a lowly bull. 


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