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Blended Learning with Torah Live

Blended Learning with Torah Live

by Yisroel Porath on Mar 14, 2017

Torah Live enables you to introduce various models of blended learning into your classroom and teach a specific topic in halacha by integrating Torah Live with other educational methods. Here are some examples:

“Station Rotation”

This method ensures that the student reviews the material multiple times in different ways and that the information really sinks in. In the first station, students watch a Torah Live self-running video independently or in small groups. In the second station, you facilitate a classroom presentation which corresponds with the video they viewed in the first station. The third station is an online or workbook assessment where students answer questions on the material learned.

[caption id="attachment_20354" align="aligncenter" width="660"]Blended Learning Rabbi Mordechai Bennett, Judaic Studies teacher, Ohr Chadash Academy[/caption]

“Individual Rotation”

When you need to address multiple learning styles, create a differentiated learning model where each student receives the appropriate academic attention.

First, create Torah Live accounts for each student. Enroll individuals or small groups of students in various Torah Live topics depending on their academic level and/or interests and learning styles. Next, set up your class to enable each individual to work in a station geared for them. For example, an advanced student can sit in a classroom presentation station with the teacher while a beginner level student is viewing a “lighter” Torah Live topic and taking the assessment or answering questions in the workbook.

Blended Learning

Flex Model

In this model, the student interacts primarily with the online content and you provide support and instruction when necessary. While there isn’t a scheduled formal instruction, you provide more differentiated instruction to individual students. Once a student is set up in the Torah Live LMS and is enrolled in a Torah Live topic, you can easily integrate this model of learning in the classroom.

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