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Brachos on Exotic Fruit - A Tu B'Shvat Poster

Brachos on Exotic Fruit - A Tu B'Shvat Poster

by Hadassah Levy on Jan 25, 2023

In honor of Tu B’Shvat, we’re bringing back our poster of the Exotic Fruits of Israel, which includes descriptions and brachos for some of the strangest looking fruits around. Have you heard of dragon fruit or sweetie? What do you know about passion fruit and loquats? 

Learn about these fruits that grow in the land of Israel with this poster. It’s a great conversation starter at family dinner time and will catch kids’ interest if hung on the refrigerator door or on the bulletin board in a classroom.

Download your copy of Exotic Fruits of Israel here:

[download id="3380"]



Looking for more Tu B’Shvat materials? Check out our course on Wisdom in Creation, which will get you in the mood for Tu B’Shvat with a detailed description of the wonder that is the simple fruit.

Educators, check out these articles on teaching about Tu B’Shvat in the classroom:


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