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Wisdom in Creation

The beloved Rabbi Siddur returns to explain to Josh what we can learn about Hashem from the creation of the world.

Trees, fruit, monkeys and a special movie theater star in this film about the complexity and wonder of creation.

Part of the Emunah & Tefillah Series, this chapter can be watched on its own or with the rest of the series.

Click here to download Exotic Fruits of Israel. Test your knowledge and teach your kids or students about some really interesting fruit.

This series has been generously sponsored by Jim & Jill Kapenstein in honor of their loving parents

Steven & Susan Caller

Betty Myers & Ira Kapenstein zt"l

Los Angeles, California

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yehuda menchel
yehuda menchel
1 year ago

this is excellent thank you
i think you should continue along this theme going through more niflaos haborei kids love it

Avigayil weil
Avigayil weil
5 months ago

I got insprired and now I try to make my brachos loud and clear!

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